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My journey is no different than any other person's journey, I would think. Or  rather, any other somewhat aware and thinking human being that is constantly looking for answers, soul searching and trying to build a legacy of living happily, lovingly, and with dignity for the time being that is allowed on this physical plane.

I was born and raised in Soviet Union, Moscow region to be exact, where my whole family still resides. As a curious and wondering spirit, I moved to the United States at the end of year 2000, thinking that if things don't work out I could always move back. Well, I haven't. Yet. Hopping, floating and at times stumbling through life's experiences, I after all ended up in California, and eventually in the Bay Area. That is where my art started around the age of 26.  

For years I didn't take it seriously and treated it as a hobby. But time has passed and, alas, I cant think of doing anything else for the rest of my life. It has been shown around at local shops, cafes, restaurants and galleries. I curated many exhibits myself throughout the years but prefer actually create to the hussle bussle of curating.

 So welcome, stranger, to the  weird wacky spiritual philosophical world of Vera Tour's Art. Enjoy!

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